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Check if item already in cart – WooCommerce

In WooCommerce, Looking for code by which you can check Product that you going to ADD to CART already exist in Cart or not ? By Below code you can check whether an item has already been added to your WooCommerce cart or not ? # $product_id is ID for product which you going to… Read More »

Display Product Short Description in WooCommerce Checkout

In WooCommerce, Products are displayed in graphical form at Cart Page or Checkout. Though, some of the customers prefer a short description on cart page or checkout page as well. So if they are buying many products that are visually similar they can easily cross check them before confirming their order on checkout. so, we… Read More »

Customize the Thank you page in WooCommerce

Whenever a customer makes a purchase on your shop, you should always be grateful to them by showing them an appreciative gesture using a Thank you page. WooCommerce has already done this for you by redirecting customers to the WooCommerce Thank you page after a successful purchase. However, sometimes it’s just not enough. What can… Read More »

Rename “Add to Cart” Button if Product Already at Cart

If Product already at WooCommerce Cart than change “Add to Cart” Button text and Displaying a different text instead of default “Add to Cart” text. So user can easily communicate with product. In Woocommerce it’s very easy. Woocommerce provide 2 filter hook for that. one filter hook for the Single Product page and another filter… Read More »

Customize Checkout Page in Woocommerce

Hide Billing field on Checkout Page Woocommerce # Hide Shipping field on Checkout Page Woocommerce # Reorder Billing fields on Checkout Page Woocommerce # WooCommerce version 2.6 and below function reorder_wc_billing_fields($fields) { $order = array( “billing_first_name”, “billing_last_name”, “billing_company”, “billing_address_1”, “billing_postcode”, “billing_city”, “billing_email”, “billing_phone” ); foreach($order as $field) { $ordered_fields[$field] = $fields[“billing”][$field]; } $fields[“billing”] = $ordered_fields;… Read More »

WooCommerce set minimum cart value limit and add surcharge if Cart value low

In WooCommerce base online shopping site Some time you or your client would like to set minimum cart value, and add additional surcharge in Cart total if Customer Cart value ( sum of added Item into cart ) is  not equal more than minimum limit. # add_action( ‘woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees’,’ls_woocommerce_custom_surcharge’ ); function ls_woocommerce_custom_surcharge() { global $woocommerce; if… Read More »