How to translate a string in Woocommerce

If you want to translate some string in woocommerce than you don’t need to translate the whole installation of wordpress or any other translation plugin. You just add some line of php code to achieve this. Here we will achieve this. Let’s have a look. Add following lines code at the end of your theme’s… Read More »

How to Add category name in WooCommerce order emails

When user has created a new order and receive email it wil show all product detail but not display product category. So how to add category name in order detail page. So, here is my solution to display category name in order emails, Add below line of code in your theme’s function.php of your active… Read More »

How to Redirect User When Woocommerce Store is Closed/Offline

If you decide to close your shop during your absence i.e. put it offline, you shouldn’t simply shut down the server or your website is temporarily closed for maintenance or it can be offline for any design changes, updating any portion of your website, or resolving any technical problem but you don’t want to upset… Read More »

How to Delete expired coupons automatically in Woocommerce

Coupons are a great way to offer discounts and rewards to your customers, and can help promote sales across your shop but problem is that coupons have some expire time. After some specific time, coupons are expire and by default WooCommerce will not delete them. So How to Delete expired coupons automatically in Woocommerce? So… Read More »