Jetpack auto tweet post with custom message and hash tag

Jetpack is very powerful plugin in Worpdress and offering number of features functionality. one of them best useful is Auto share post on social media site. when ever you publish new post it automatically share to all social media accounts that you connected with your website from Wp-admin >> Settings >> Sharing (Only link available when Jetpack plugin activate)


Now Let’s move on our main Topic… How to customize Auto tweet message setup by Jetpack Publicize and add some specific static text, hashtag or dynamic set category, tag etc as #hashtag in auto tweet string that by default generated base on post title.

If you or your client want to customize auto tweet message like add some text before before by default tweet message, append post category or tag as # hashtag or any specific fix #hashtag than you can easily do it by adding few lines code in your active theme functions.php

Yeah instead of adding above code in theme functions.php file safest way is use functionality plugin by use this plugin you have to no worry as your added custom code in functions.php will not affected by theme upgrades or switch to other theme.

Note : Tweet limited to only 140 character include space.

1 – Add static fix text & hashtag in auto tweet message post

2 – Add post Category as # hashtag in auto tweet message

3 – For custom post type

if you want to customize auto tweet message for Custom Post Type than you have to use publish post action for custom post type like publish_{custom post type}

For Example Custom post type is book than

Useful links

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WP plugin for append # hashtag in tweet message – Publicize With Hashtags

Useful article – Add hashtags to Jetpack Publicize shared posts
– Complete guide on how to add post tag as a # hashtag in tweet message at the end of default tweet message.

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