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Display sticky “featured” products in wp ecommerce

WP Ecommerce is a free and great online shopping cart wordpress plugins that will let you easily build up online shopping site and to sell your products & services easily on online selling platform. During work of converting WP Woo commerce supported theme to WP Ecoomerce theme i need to display featured product as well… Read More »

How to add Breadcrumbs in WordPress without plugin

Breadcrumbs is a great navigation aid that we can mostly see in horizontally pattern across the top of a web pages, often below title bars or headers. Home >> Category >> Sub Category >> Product Breadcrumb trail provide users an alternative method of navigation. It help visitors to track their current location in website hierarchy… Read More »

Difference between bloginfo and get_bloginfo in WP

In WordPress, bloginfo and get_bloginfo are use for get information about your site, which can then be used anywhere  within a template file for either Print Site information to the Browser or use in your PHP code respectively. Syntax Difference between bloginfo() and get_bloginfo() in WP – bloginfo() always prints a result to the browser.… Read More »